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PREORDER Green Ranger Statue in limited edition of 500 copies


Discover our Green Ranger statue

A 1:6 scale statue that represents the Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver !

He is overlooking the Dragonzord rising from the waters after he summoned it with the Dragon Dagger.

LED lights and a series of weapons :

  • the Dark Sword
  • the Dragon Dagger
  • a Pistol (conceptualized especially for the occasion)

Weapons that allow up to 5 display options.


Characteristics of the statue

  • Scale : 1:6
  • Dimensions : H56 x W30 x D30 cm
  • Weight : 8.5 kg
  • Materials : Resin, PU
  • 3 weapons, 5 display options & LED Lights
  • Price : 649€ or 81€/month
  • Payment Methods : Visa, Mastercard or PayPal
  • 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 monthly instalments possible
  • Delivery date : 2nd Semester 2023


IMPORTANT: Depending on the number of monthly payments chosen, your card must expire AFTER the date of the last monthly payment. If this is not the case, please contact us.

In case of any problem during the payment, do not hesitate to contact us, our team is available by PM and by mail (


A few words about the 6th Ranger

Tommy Oliver is the most famous of the Power Rangers.

Spotted by the evil witch Rita Repulsa, she decides to enchant Tommy to become her loyal servant.

To do so, she gives him the Dragon Power Coin which allows him to transform into a Green Power Ranger. He also possesses the Dragon Shield which makes him stronger than the other Power Rangers, and is armed with the Dragon Dagger and the Dark Sword.

After his battle with the other Rangers, the Green Ranger will be freed from Rita’s enchantment and eventually join the team to fight evil.


Special thanks to Stivens, Kampee, Mathieu and Xavier.


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Weight 8,5 kg
Dimensions D30 x W30 x H56 (cm)

Power Rangers



Artistic direction

Édouard Velay


Stivens Trujillo Sanchez





Estimated delivery

S2 2023