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About Kami-Arts!

French manufacturer of figures and statues under official licenses

Want to know more about Kami-Arts?

Kami-Arts is a French studio, born from a common passion for pop culture and resin statues. The studio was created in May 2019 in Aix-en-Provence and specializes in the design and manufacture of statues, busts and figurines collection.
Kami-Arts’ creations are derived from the worlds of manga, films, series and video games, with a predilection for unconventional and “old school” licenses.
All our creations are under official licenses and in limited editions: we thus guarantee you unique and official collectible products.
We strive to offer original and quality products, since we are above all collectors like you. For that, we work our projects with different artists in order to give life to your favorite characters, in scenes that we would be proud to have on our own shelves.

Where does “Kami-Arts” come from?
For us, the collector’s statues that we buy, or that we now propose to you, are art in their own right. In the Japanese culture and more precisely the Shinto religion, Kamis are deities, spirits. We often use the word “Kami” followed by the suffix “sama” which is a mark of respect. Respect for this art is our leitmotiv.
You will find some of the Kamis as emblematic figures of our ranges: Hachiman, the god of war, Inari, the goddess of rice, Ryūjin, the dragon god of the sea and lightning and Uzume, the goddess of joy.