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PREORDER Megazord Statue in a limited edition of 400 copies


Discover ourPower Rangers Megazord Statue

1/4 scale statue, it represents the Megazord Power Rangers ready for battle!

All the Zords of each Ranger merge to form the ultimate fighter against the monsters of Rita Repulsa.

We wanted to give you a large statue representing the greatness and strength of this fighter facing the forces of evil.
We hope you like it.


Characteristics of the statue

  • Scale : 1:4
  • Dimensions : H76 x W46 x D46 cm
  • Weight : 20 kg
  • Materials : Resin, PU
  • LED Lights
  • Price : 969 or 96/month
  • Payment Methods : Visa, Mastercard or PayPal
  • 2, 3, 5, 8 & 10 monthly instalments possible
  • Delivery date : 1st Semester 2023


IMPORTANT: Depending on the number of monthly payments chosen, your card must expire AFTER the date of the last monthly payment. If this is not the case, please contact us.

In case of any problem during the payment, do not hesitate to contact us, our team is available by PM and by mail (contact@kami-arts.com).


A few words about the Power Rangers license

When the future of the planet is in danger after the accidental release of Rita Repulsa, an interdimensional being, Zordon of Eltar (who fought and imprisoned Rita 10,000 years ago).

Established in a Command Center in Angel Grove, recruits five teenagers to take on the powers of the Morphin Grid and defend the planet as Power Rangers: Jason, Trini, Billy, Kimberly and Zack.

As soon as the fight gets stronger, they can summon their giant assault vehicles known as the Zords, and combine them into a giant robot, the Megazord, to destroy the monsters that threaten peace at Angel Grove.


Special thanks to Stivens, Kampee, Mathieu and Xavier.


To learn more about the license, it’s here

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions D46 x W46 x H76 (cm)

Power Rangers





Artistic direction

douard Velay


Alfredo Caccamo


Supree Mars Taveesub


Simon Greenaway



Estimated delivery

S1 2023