Grimm Pack 1 (+Display Case)


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DISPLAY CASE : Custom-made in collaboration with Glassbox Collection for Kami-Arts (Delivered with leds, 4MM safety glass structure, Kami-Arts cardboard, transformer for leds, gloves, delivered at the time of address validation)

STATUE : Resulting from a direct collaboration with Tony Valente (creator of Radiant) who himself designed the concept of the statue, we are proud to present this Grimm.
Grimm is a sorcerer with a dark past who cultivates mystery around him, no one knows what he is really looking for. Always very well informed, he fights against infected wizards who prey on the innocent. He is extremely powerful and no one knows how old he can be.

His body is entirely covered with magic bandages, he has a wide carnivorous red smile and is dressed like a musketeer. Infected, he fights of course with Fantasia but also with swords and has the rather strange peculiarity of speaking in the 3rd person.

This diorama at 1/6 scale represents Grimm surrounded by his black spectres that he invokes with his Nubes Spectris spell.

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions D55 x W80 x H58 (cm)




Artistic direction

Édouard Velay


Tony Valente


Supree Mars Taveesub


Dan Duke Fleed


Xavier Ferrandez


Glassbox Collection

Estimated delivery

Q4 2021

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